Madison Street Capital: Leading Investment Firm

Madison Capital is a privately held company and one of the top leading investment banking firms that have earned reputation worldwide. has a vast range of skills, knowledge, and extensive relationships to compete in today’s leading market investment firm. It is a company that is dedicated to excellence, integrity, outstanding leadership and service in offering corporate financial services, M&A skill, financial ideas, and evaluation of services to both public and private ran businesses for many years.


The exceptional services they offer has helped their clients to succeed in the international marketplace. They are committed to putting the goals of their clients foremost and owning it in starting every new project and the ability to arrange the proper capitalization and financing structure to suit their unique client situations. This service covers mergers and acquisition transactions of proprietorship, financial advisory, and positive capital raise. Madison Street Capital foresees evolving markets as the principal factor driving the international growth and success of their clients and they will continue to pay attention to important assets in these markets. They have earned the respect and trust of their clients across the globe through their exceptional customer service and steadfast commitment to the highest levels of professional standards.


Madison Street Capital is a reputable company and was nominated as a winner of the 16th annual mergers and acquisition advisor awards in 2017 at the Gala event held at the Metropolitan Club in New York. They also won an award for the Debt Financing Deal of the year for advising on the deals for WLR automotive. The CEO, Charles Botchway expressed his gratitude on behalf of his company for winning the award in the debt financing category and extends his congratulations to WLR automotive for their outstanding performance. They were the finalist for the Financial deal and Boutique Investment banking firm of the year.


The Gala is a special celebration event of the year held to honor the industry’s top M&A Dealmakers. This Gala celebration was held in combination with 2017 M&A advisor summit, that featured more than 500 of the industry’s top M&A experts that contributed in exclusive interactive forums led by more than 35 M&A, academic, media, and industry supporters or advocates. In addition to the 16th annual award winners of M&A, some of the CEO’s were the recipient of different awards in different categories.

The M&A advisor is noted as the world’s top leadership organization for M&A, restructuring and corporate finance professionals, offering a vast range of combined services from their offices in London and New York

Madison Street is committed to building solid businesses within the societies and all over the nation. They believe in giving back to the community through a charitable organization like the United Way and are committed to the needs of its clients. They work hard and focus on making a difference in local and international communities.


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End Citizens United Pushing For Political Reforms

End Citizens United (ECU) is a U.S Political Action Committee (PAC) established in 2016 due to political changes in America, and Tiffany Muller is the President as well as the Executive Director. The primary focus of this group was to campaign and push for amendments in the finance section. The End Citizens United envisioned accomplishing this by directing millions of dollars to campaigns of 2016 Democratic candidates’ elections.

The organization received 136,000 contributions, with an average grant standing at 14.86 dollars. The objective of End ECU is to pass the amendment to reverse the decision made by the United States’ Supreme Court in 2010 regarding Citizens United (CU). The 2010 Citizen United decision gave PAC massive powers and created an opening to have significant amounts of cash channeled to politicians and politics. The ECU mobilized over 325,000 citizens to petition for the enactment of the legislation.

The other primary goal of End Citizens United was to campaign for financial amendments in the State levels as well. The only way to realize this is by overturning the decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010 on the powers given to the political action committee. The ECU anticipates accomplishing these goals through financial donations and backing by the citizens of the U.S. The group plans to continue with the reforms once it finishes sponsoring nominees in the Congress.

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During the first three months of their campaign, the End Citizens United gathered more than 4 million dollars. The group projects to raise over 35 million dollars by the time the United States will be participating in the midterm elections for Congress in 2018.

The $500,000 donation the committee gave to the campaign and election of Georgia’s Democratic candidate, Jon Ossof is evidence for ECU’s potential and success. He is a first-time candidate who is only 30 years old. Ossof challenged the political organization when he gathered 4 million dollars for the April 18th special election that was held to replace the empty position, left by Tom Price who was then the Secretary of Human and Health Services.

The committee is assessing the areas it intends to venture into this year. The plans are according to Muller, the ECU deputy political director according to However, he has revealed that the group will be taking a leading position in supporting Democratic Senators Jon Tester and Sherrod Brown of the Montana State and Ohio respectively in the 2018 midterm elections.

End Citizens United is committed to neutralizing the catastrophic effects of Citizens United and amending the campaigns finance system as well. Their primary mission is to eliminate Big Money in politics and bring reforms to the manipulated political system by electing champions in the campaign finances reform agenda and passing state ballot procedures. The group is working hard to bring to an end Citizens United and eradicate the unlimited and undisclosed money used in the U.S politics.

Securus: Advancements with a Focus on the Human Element

Securus Technologies, the company that’s known for correctional facility services, has recently undergone some improvements. The company has acquired numerous subsidiaries over the years to remain the industry leader. GovPayNet and JPay are two newly acquired companies, which are anticipated to make a huge impact on the business. The reason these companies were acquired is their ability to advance technology for the company; the way that Securus has managed to keep its position as a top service provider throughout the years.


Joining in on over 30 years’ experience that Securus Technologies offers; the companies bring their strengths in the financial services industry. JPay has also recently developed technology that will improve safety in the facilities. Known as wireless containment systems, the devices block the use of contraband cellular devices. The problem with contraband devices has gotten out of control and has been attributed to many crimes both inside and outside of facilities. Another development by JPay is making tablet-style computers available for purchase by inmates. This gives them limited entertainment, and many educational courses they can take online. Having an up to date resume and recent educational experience would open many new doors for inmates upon their return to the working world.


Securus Technologies has also earned recognition for their customer service efforts. Over 95 percent of customers have recently reported that they were satisfied with the company, its products, and the service they received. This is an impressive statistic for any company, and especially for one that works with such a diverse population. The company also earned accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. An “A+” rating has been earned by the company in all areas measured by the BBB. Despite all the bragging rights, Securus Technologies remains dedicated to what it does best; connecting inmates with the world around them.

Let IDLife Help You Build A Better Lifestyle

Each year, more individuals are becoming interested in improving their lifestyle, health, fitness and desire to live disease free. The company IDLife has come up with a solution to help those prevent poor health and improve their well-being.

IDLife offer nutritional supplements that are customized to the particular needs of the customer. Men and women for example, require different nutritional needs. Depending on your own circumstance, your nutritional requirements could vary depending on any medications you take, any existing illnesses and your current activity level.

There are many different opinions on what is healthy and what is not. This can be confusing, and make the thought of getting healthier overwhelming. IDLife takes the guesswork out of improving your health with their 3-step program suitable for anyone. Their program will not only help you lose weight, but reduce your need for medication, reduce the risk of disease and increase your energy levels.

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Garmin is a company that creates wearable fitness trackers that are designed to track details of your fitness session. Their trackers work on those who enjoy cycling, aerobics, swimming, and running, just to name a few. Over time, you can improve your workout sessions by comparing your previous workouts to your current ones. They track your heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned and workout time to keep you motivated. IDLife and Garmin have created a unique partnership to reach more individuals around the world. Their focus isn’t just on helping you lose weight, they want you to improve your lifestyle overall. Together, the two companies are taking the health and wellness industry by storm. By combining the most technologically advanced fitness tracker with IDLife’s customized nutritional plans, the sky is the limit when it comes to your fitness goals.

IDLife was founded by Logan Stout, a former professional athlete, author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He enjoys helping motivate people to reach their health and fitness goals. His focus is to create nutritional products and plans to help you live a longer, healthier life. It will be exciting to see what this new partnership between Garmin and IDLife will bring to the health and wellness sector.


The Nevo Energy Drink by Jeunesse Global

Energy drinks are always on the shelves of retail stores these days. It seems that we all need a boost from time to time. Jeunesse Global, the anti-aging global sensation, realized this and wanted to do their own version of an energy drink. They felt that they could basically do a better job of making these specialized drinks, and they wanted to take a stab at doing so.

Nevo is the name of what they came up with. They admit that they are not the first to craft a highly caffeinated beverage, but they do believe that they have done a better job of it than have some others.

The primary thing that Jeunesse Global has done so differently from the others is use ingredients that naturally produce caffeine. That is a better choice than the artificial sources of caffeine that most other energy drinks rely on. They just try to pack their drink with as much caffeine as possible. Jeunesse Global wants that caffeine to be of the natural variety so that it packs as much punch as possible.

Berries from the Guarana plant are where you will find a lot of the caffeine that goes into Nevo. Those berries have natural properties that can give you the boost of energy that you need to keep going throughout your day.

This is an interesting product choice from the anti-aging company Jeunesse Global. They know that it is a little different from their other product offerings. At the same time, they understand that sometimes you have to mix up what you are providing to people. After all, there are always different people with different concerns and issues when it comes to their aging. Having this out on the market as a contender to the other energy drinks out there gives people a choice.

We cannot simply allow ourselves to fall into the false belief that we must choose between having an energy drink that we hate or having no energy drink at all. We can have it all when we purchase from the right company. Jeunesse Global is looking out for you.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Top Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an accomplished Cosmetic Surgeon who operates a thriving practice in her native city of Austin, Texas where she was born and raised. She spent a considerable amount of time in New York City where she completed a fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital and gained a valuable range of experience that has propelled her career forward to a rare level of success. She is a sought-after expert in her field and has appeared numerous times on various media outlets such as ABC News.

Her cutting-edge facility in Texas is called MedSpa Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center and it’s well-known as a place where women can truly be comfortable when making important decisions regarding their appearance. Dr. Walden is one of only a few women in Texas who are board-certified Cosmetic Surgeons and brings an intuition to her clients who are overwhelmingly women. She understands their hopes, fears, and concerns which enable her to put them at ease. Her clinic provides a complete range of services and procedures that also encompass cultural knowledge and sensitivity.

The career of Dr. Jennifer Walden has been punctuated by a desire to help women lead more fulfilling lives and in light of this, she relates one source of inspiration that many might find helpful. Sheryl Sandberg is another accomplished female and her book “Lean in: Women, Work and the Will to Lead” has many similarities to Dr. Walden’s course in life. The book helps inspire women to seek fulfillment with both career and family, and Dr. Jennifer Walden’s lacrosse camp.

The family life that Dr. Walden comes home to is a source of particular satisfaction for her as she is raising twin boys. She went to some length to start her family and considers them her greatest blessing in life. Her family and stimulating career help serve as a rallying cry for women seeking to enjoy life to the fullest, and

The clinic that Dr. Walden founded and oversees is equipped with the latest in technological innovation which offers patients the highest quality of care. An example of this is a machine that utilizes 3D technology that lets patients visualize results of augmentation procedures. Dr. Jennifer Walden is inspiring in many ways and is building a legacy with her life and work, and read full article.

Desiree Perez Celebrated for Her Bold Impacts on the Hip-Hop Industry

As an influential member of Jay Z’s Circle of Influence, a personal, and professional friend of Rihanna, and a quick witted, and intelligent business woman, Desiree Perez has more than earned her spot on Billboard Magazine’s expansive list article, ‘The Top Female Executives of 2017’. Perez shares the honor with other noted women who have struggled and persevered to establish their place as the best of the best among music industry executives, regardless of gender. Desiree finds herself in good company on the list which includes Atlantic Records CEO, Julie Greenwald, Def Jam Records Senior Vice President of Promotions, Nicki Farag, and many, many other women who have redefined the industry, and learn more about Desiree Perez.

As Farag herself states in her own portion of the write-up, women looking for executive positions within the music industry need to stop seek the same breaks as their male counterparts, mostly because she says, these things simply won’t come about. Perez, however, has never been one to rely on those breaks, and throughout her time working closely with Jay Z, in a multitude of the Hip-hop mogul’s businesses, has relied on her quick wit, supreme intelligence, and head for business to see her through, and

As Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation, the legendary Rap and Hip-Hop record label, Perez has shown her ability to provide lucrative dealings and negotiations for the label, resulting in lucrative partnerships and business opportunities. The recent reinstatement of a ten year deal with LiveNation and Roc Nation is one of the most providential occurrences of the past year on Perez’s part, and it’s worth mentioning Desiree was the original negotiator on the deal in 2008 when Roc Nation was first forming. With a long and storied history as being one of the best negotiators in the business it’s easy to see just why Desiree Perez, and her legacy, have impacted the Hip-Hop business world so boldly, and Desiree Perez on Facebook.

The Importance Of Israeli Americans Unifying Around Israel

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American who believes the heritage and culture of Israel and its place in the world can bring together various communities of Jews and Israelis scattered across the globe, and through education and activism he’s helped promote this view. His main channel for philanthropy has come through the Israeli-American Council where he presides as Chairman, and through the Milstein Family Foundation which supports hundreds of organizations and also has a Hebrew learning program through SifriyatPijamaB’America which instructs families with young children. The Israeli-American Council hosts conferences every year that have sessions on political and social topics surrounding Israel and America, and Adam Milstein is always pleased with the young people that turn out and show their pride in the nation. To him, the identity and love for Israel as well as the ability to venture outside the normal box is what can tie Israelis and Jewish Americans together despite some ideological differences, and contact him.

Adam Milstein has such a deep love for Israel because it truly has been his home alongside the US and he has served it as a veteran. In fact, both Adam and his father are veterans with the older Milstein having fought in the initial independence war of 1948, and Adam in the IDF during the Yom Kippur War. Adam Milstein’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in business and economics from the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel and a master’s from the University of Southern California. Along with a background in building framing and construction, Milstein is a real estate investor and Managing Partner for Hager Pacific Properties which owns millions of dollars in commercial and residential properties across California, Texas and Illinois, and Adam Milstein’s lacrosse camp.

Adam Milstein is married to Gila Milstein and has three daughters who also now have children of their own. They have all worked together to build philanthropic ties with other leaders across the US through the Milstein Family Foundation and its alliances. One of their biggest target groups has been college students who they have led campus coalitions with to combat antisemitism and to sponsor trips to Israel to help them get in touch with their heritage and identity. In a list compiled by the Jerusalem Post in 2016, Adam Milstein ranked #39 in the world’s most influential Jews.

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NewsWatch TV; Over Two Decades in Production

For twenty seven years, NewsWatch TV has kept their audiences up to date on consumer product news, education news, technology news, and a variety of other report worthy events, products, and services. NewsWatch TV has worked alongside a variety of international corporations and Fortune 500 companies to develop televised and online content. However, the series has also prominently featured up and coming companies, tech startups, and non-profit organizations among their segments. No business is too big or too small to be featured on the broadcast, and many have further developed their marketing strategies and company profitability after being featured on the show, and NewsWatch TV’s lacrosse camp.

Originally being broadcast only once per month, NewsWatch TV struck a cord with viewers, and shortly after it’s initial airing in March of 1990 NewsWatch began seeing installments once per week on ION, AMC, and selected local affiliates. In the time since it’s debut, NewsWatch TV has developed a unique rapport with viewers and partners alike, even winning coveted awards for the production of the series and winning over more and more high profile companies. With their three to five minute segments, NewsWatch TV provides audiences with dialogue they will respond to, to grow and develop interest in their segments, and their Website.

Up and comer companies like Contour Workstations, and SteelSeries Game Gear have employed NewsWatch TV’s services to great effect. Segments for both companies reached over 95 million households in the American market resulting in profitability and interest from both companies. Executives from both Contour and SteelSeries have recommended NewsWatch TV to anyone seeking serious marketing representation.

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The American Institute of Architects Continues To Set Higher Standards for American Architects

The American Institute Of Architects is the umbrella organization for the architects in the US. The organization has its headquarters in Washington D.C and it is involved in the community development, governmental advocacy, and education to enhance the development of the architect profession and promote its image. The organization works with other groups in designing and construction departments to improve the building and construction industry. The American Institute Of Architects is currently under the leadership of Robert Ivy who is the CEO and Thomas Vonier as its president. The organization was established in 1857 with its first offices in New York. The organization was founded by a group of 13 like-minded architects with the main aim of promoting practical and scientific perfection of all members of the organization.

The organization also had an objective of elevating the standards of the architect profession. The organization currently boasts of over 90,000 members comprising mainly of the licensed architects and members of other associated professionals. All members of the organization must adhere to the code of ethics that govern the actions of every member and their professional conduct. The code of ethics of the organization aims to assure the public, clients, and colleagues of the dedication of the organization’s dedication to achieving high standards. There are five levels of membership in the organization. These levels include architect members, associate members, international associate members, emeritus members, and allied members.

About Robert Ivy

In 1996, Robert Ivy was appointed the Editor in Chief if architectural record where his contribution helped the journal became the most read all over the world. He later became the editorial director and vice-president McGraw-Hill media. The construction media comprised of GreenSource which included SNAP, sustainable design and the architectural record which included Sweets, constructor, ENR, HQ magazine and China. He was also among the panelists who selected Frank Gehry who designed the National Dwight D. Eisenhower memorial. Robert Ivy also worked as a principle for Dean and was offered positions of a critic by various national publications. The architectural records managed to earn various accolades in the publishing industry during Robert Ivy’s tenure. In 2009, Robert Ivy was feted with the Crain Award, which is ranked as the most prestigious award by the American business media. He was also awarded for his management excellence by the McGraw-Hill in 1998. Robert Ivy is also a senior fellow at the design futures council. He was named the master architect by Alpha Rho Chi in March 2010.

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