Kim Dao Jetsets Around Europe

Kim Dao is an up and coming lifestyle and beauty blogger who is based in Australia. The upbeat vlogger makes videos about her travels, friendships, and unique experiences. She graduated from the University of Western Australia after studying about Psychology and Japanese. Her passion for travel and beauty combined has made her a youtube favorite. Kim Dao’s bubbly personality and jet-setting style intrigue her followers.


In a recent video on July 12th, 2017, Kim Dao takes the viewers on the beginnings of her stay in Denmark. She recently left Japan, to tour major cities in Europe. Before Denmark, she was in London. The short 6-minute video encapsulates Kim Dao’s adventurous and familial experiences. The video is short because Kim Dao spent most of her first day in Denmark with the family she is staying with. Learn more:


When Kim Dao first arrives in Denmark from London, she searches for a bite to eat at a local cafe but ends up ordering Thai food for lunch. Her adventures in Europe remind the viewer of home and abroad. Her personality is one of a close friend, and a loving stranger touring the world. Learn more:


For more of her adventures visit her at her channel: