Desiree Perez Celebrated for Her Bold Impacts on the Hip-Hop Industry

As an influential member of Jay Z’s Circle of Influence, a personal, and professional friend of Rihanna, and a quick witted, and intelligent business woman, Desiree Perez has more than earned her spot on Billboard Magazine’s expansive list article, ‘The Top Female Executives of 2017’. Perez shares the honor with other noted women who have struggled and persevered to establish their place as the best of the best among music industry executives, regardless of gender. Desiree finds herself in good company on the list which includes Atlantic Records CEO, Julie Greenwald, Def Jam Records Senior Vice President of Promotions, Nicki Farag, and many, many other women who have redefined the industry, and learn more about Desiree Perez.

As Farag herself states in her own portion of the write-up, women looking for executive positions within the music industry need to stop seek the same breaks as their male counterparts, mostly because she says, these things simply won’t come about. Perez, however, has never been one to rely on those breaks, and throughout her time working closely with Jay Z, in a multitude of the Hip-hop mogul’s businesses, has relied on her quick wit, supreme intelligence, and head for business to see her through, and

As Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation, the legendary Rap and Hip-Hop record label, Perez has shown her ability to provide lucrative dealings and negotiations for the label, resulting in lucrative partnerships and business opportunities. The recent reinstatement of a ten year deal with LiveNation and Roc Nation is one of the most providential occurrences of the past year on Perez’s part, and it’s worth mentioning Desiree was the original negotiator on the deal in 2008 when Roc Nation was first forming. With a long and storied history as being one of the best negotiators in the business it’s easy to see just why Desiree Perez, and her legacy, have impacted the Hip-Hop business world so boldly, and Desiree Perez on Facebook.

NewsWatch TV; Over Two Decades in Production

For twenty seven years, NewsWatch TV has kept their audiences up to date on consumer product news, education news, technology news, and a variety of other report worthy events, products, and services. NewsWatch TV has worked alongside a variety of international corporations and Fortune 500 companies to develop televised and online content. However, the series has also prominently featured up and coming companies, tech startups, and non-profit organizations among their segments. No business is too big or too small to be featured on the broadcast, and many have further developed their marketing strategies and company profitability after being featured on the show, and NewsWatch TV’s lacrosse camp.

Originally being broadcast only once per month, NewsWatch TV struck a cord with viewers, and shortly after it’s initial airing in March of 1990 NewsWatch began seeing installments once per week on ION, AMC, and selected local affiliates. In the time since it’s debut, NewsWatch TV has developed a unique rapport with viewers and partners alike, even winning coveted awards for the production of the series and winning over more and more high profile companies. With their three to five minute segments, NewsWatch TV provides audiences with dialogue they will respond to, to grow and develop interest in their segments, and their Website.

Up and comer companies like Contour Workstations, and SteelSeries Game Gear have employed NewsWatch TV’s services to great effect. Segments for both companies reached over 95 million households in the American market resulting in profitability and interest from both companies. Executives from both Contour and SteelSeries have recommended NewsWatch TV to anyone seeking serious marketing representation.

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