Rick Smith, The Leading CEO in the Prison Technology Industry

Rick Smith is a name that stands out in the prison technology industry. Richard. A. Smith is the CEO of the world’s largest prison technology firm, Securus Technologies. He has been the CEO and President of the company since June 23, 2008. Additionally, he has served as the Chairman of the Securus’ board of directors since the year 2009. In the few years that Rick Smith has been with Securus, he has managed to make it the industry guru. Thanks to him, the company now has over 300patents. This is after adding over 60 patents to its portfolio, last year. He has also managed to collaborate with competitors on intellectual property agreements, which make it possible for his company to record over 25 patents every year.

Since he joined the company, Rick Smith has taken it upon himself to ensure that the prison communication costs are reduced. That is why you will notice that their call rates have gone down from $3.28 in the year 2008 to $2 in the year 2016. This is approximately 40% reduction on the call costs.

Rick Smith has also invested over $600 million to go towards improving the company’s customer service and ensure new and innovative packages, to make prisoners’ life easier, are developed every week. Additionally, he has devoted over $200 million to products that are specifically meant or recidivism. Through this, his company is making it possible for ex-prisoners to easily settle after serving their time.

If you don’t know Rick Smith that well, you would think that these achievements are outrageous. However, those that know him well know what he is capable of. He has a magnificent career and education record Before joining the Securus team, Rick Smith worked for Eschelon Telecom Inc. He was with the company since the year 1998 to the year 2007. While working for Eschelon, Rick Smith was constantly promoted, thanks to his hard work. In the year 1998, he started out as the Chief Financial Officer. The following year, he received a promotion and became the Chief Operation Officer. These promotions became a trend until he got to the senior most position of the company. In the year 2000, Rick Smith was appointed President of the company. Another promotion, to the Chief Executive Officer, followed in the year 2007.

In the past, Rick Smith also worked for Frontier Corp, which is the current day Global Crossing. He was with the company for a solid 26 years. His tenure there began in the year 1972. Through the 26 years, he was assigned various positions including Controller, CIO, President of IT, VP of Midwest Telephone Operations, Director of Business Development and the Financial Management Vice President.