End Citizens United Pushing For Political Reforms

End Citizens United (ECU) is a U.S Political Action Committee (PAC) established in 2016 due to political changes in America, and Tiffany Muller is the President as well as the Executive Director. The primary focus of this group was to campaign and push for amendments in the finance section. The End Citizens United envisioned accomplishing this by directing millions of dollars to campaigns of 2016 Democratic candidates’ elections.

The organization received 136,000 contributions, with an average grant standing at 14.86 dollars. The objective of End ECU is to pass the amendment to reverse the decision made by the United States’ Supreme Court in 2010 regarding Citizens United (CU). The 2010 Citizen United decision gave PAC massive powers and created an opening to have significant amounts of cash channeled to politicians and politics. The ECU mobilized over 325,000 citizens to petition for the enactment of the legislation.

The other primary goal of End Citizens United was to campaign for financial amendments in the State levels as well. The only way to realize this is by overturning the decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010 on the powers given to the political action committee. The ECU anticipates accomplishing these goals through financial donations and backing by the citizens of the U.S. The group plans to continue with the reforms once it finishes sponsoring nominees in the Congress.

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During the first three months of their campaign, the End Citizens United gathered more than 4 million dollars. The group projects to raise over 35 million dollars by the time the United States will be participating in the midterm elections for Congress in 2018.

The $500,000 donation the committee gave to the campaign and election of Georgia’s Democratic candidate, Jon Ossof is evidence for ECU’s potential and success. He is a first-time candidate who is only 30 years old. Ossof challenged the political organization when he gathered 4 million dollars for the April 18th special election that was held to replace the empty position, left by Tom Price who was then the Secretary of Human and Health Services.

The committee is assessing the areas it intends to venture into this year. The plans are according to Muller, the ECU deputy political director according to vogue.com. However, he has revealed that the group will be taking a leading position in supporting Democratic Senators Jon Tester and Sherrod Brown of the Montana State and Ohio respectively in the 2018 midterm elections.

End Citizens United is committed to neutralizing the catastrophic effects of Citizens United and amending the campaigns finance system as well. Their primary mission is to eliminate Big Money in politics and bring reforms to the manipulated political system by electing champions in the campaign finances reform agenda and passing state ballot procedures. The group is working hard to bring to an end Citizens United and eradicate the unlimited and undisclosed money used in the U.S politics.