Dr. Mark Mckenna: a Brief History

Dr. Mark Mckenna is a medical investor, former real estate investor and doctor. His current investment project is OVME, an online app for ordering Botox injections to your door. By using home delivery OVME hopes to streamline the doctor and patients time by avoiding needles appointments for both.

Not always a medical investor, Dr. Mark Mckenna began his investing portfolio with real estate while still in medical school. He attended Tulane University and while there learned that some of his ideas on how the medical profession worked were wrong. It was going to be a lot harder for him to find work than he thought, and the pay was much less than he believed.

So Dr. Mark Mckenna began working extra hours as a check-up doctor for inmates at the local prison. Taking his pay from this, he began building his real estate portfolio. After graduating from Tulane with his medical degree, Dr. Mark Mckenna went to work at the practice owned by his father, also a doctor. But his experiences in real estate had been challenging and rewarding and Mckenna wanted to go into real estate full time. He quit his fathers practice and did so, becoming successful with a portfolio value of over $5 million.

But even in real estate there can be unpredictable things, such as the 2005 landfall of Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans, where Dr. Mckenna had his properties, was devastated. Mckenna’s portfolio was devastated as well, but rather than try and start over somewhere else he stayed in NOLA and helped rebuild by repairing damaged properties and re-selling them.

He was doing well with this venture when he noticed a trend that made him want out of real estate: He saw far too many questionable loans being approved that he knew would fail. Seeing the huge housing market collapse coming, he divested from real estate and entered medical investing.

Before OVME he invested in ShapeMed, a clinic he helped turn into a network and then sold to Life Time Fitness, Inc. for a nice profit. This helped his get the capital to invest in OVME.


Jeunesse Global helps to create Generation Young through great products

With tens of thousands of distributors and millions of customers worldwide, Jeunesse Global has grown from obscurity into one of the most important manufacturers and distributors of health and beauty products in the world today. And all of this success has been made possible by a great business model and even better products. With some of the best people working to sell the most revolutionary products that the global health and beauty industry has ever seen, Jeunesse Global was all but destined for the astonishing levels of success that the company has experienced.

Founded in 2009 by direct-marketing industry fixtures Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global started off as little more than a hobby business run out of the couple’s Florida garage. From the beginning, Ray and Lewis wanted to create a new kind of company. They wanted to spread genuine economic opportunity across the globe, helping people from less-advantaged areas reach a state of financial independence and helping to change people’s lives through transformative products.

On all counts, Jeunesse has been an incredible success. With up to six possible unique income streams, Jeunesse Global distributors rank among the most well compensated independent business owners of any in the direct-marketing business. At the same time, almost any Jeunesse distributor will tell you that the products practically sell themselves. It’s easy to grow a business when you’re selling addictive energy drinks like Nevo or youth-enhancing beauty products like Luminesce skincare lotion. The formidable retention rates of Jeunesse customers indicate that it is rapidly becoming one of the strongest brands in the global health and beauty industry.

At the same time, all of this— the products, the business model and the general philosophy of helping others reach their life goals — is designed to bring about what Jeunesse Global refers to as Generation Young. While this may sound like just another empty slogan, the concept of Generation Young is one that Jeunesse takes with the utmost seriousness. In short, Generation Young is the first generation in history that will have all of the tools at its disposal to stave off the worst effects of aging for years or even decades.


The Best Way to Get Fit is Enhanced Athlete, And Here’s Why

Who isn’t looking to get fit? After all, the benefits of effective, consistent exercise are evident. However, knowing where to get started on the journey of fitness is difficult. There’s no shortage of companies offering their services, and finding the right fit can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. However, one company sticks out for a number of reasons: Enhanced Athlete. Enhanced Athlete, and its two sister companies, Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching, offer a trifecta of fitness help. Whether you’re bulking up muscle or burning off fat with Enhanced Athlete’s supplements, getting in the right apparel with Enhanced Gear, or having a perfect workout and diet created by you with a fitness expert from Enhanced Coaching, the Enhanced brand is the right place to be for those looking to become more fit and healthy. But there’s another good reason to support Enhanced Athlete, and that’s there persistence and dedication to fight against shady business practices.


Around November of 2017, Enhanced Athlete faced a lawsuit from competitor Nutrition Distribution. The lawsuit was not the only one Nutrition Distribution was currently involved in; actually, quite the contrary. Nutrition Distribution had legally engaged with hundreds of companies like Enhanced Athlete, and in every single case, their claim was the same. Basically, Nutrition Distribution posited that these other companies were falsely advertising in a way damaging Nutrition Distribution’s sales. Because of this, Nutrition Distribution considered themselves to have the right to legal recourse with these organizations. Fortunately for Enhanced Athlete, however, they had the leadership and grit to stand strong when this lawsuit came in. The company’s CEO, Scott Cavell, had no intention of caving to Nutrition Distribution, and here’s why: “So long as supplement companies continue to pay these nuisance value settlements, Nutrition Distribution will continue with its business model of shakedown lawsuits.”


So Cavell didn’t back down. He fought back. And it turned out to be the right choice. The judge presiding over the battle between Enhanced Athlete and Nutrition Distribution ruled in favor of Enhanced Athlete, citing that there was no definite connection between Enhanced Athlete’s advertisements and Nutrition Distribution’s sales: “Plantiff’s evidence does not establish a causal connection – or even more a merely speculative connection – between Defendants’ product and marketing and Plantiffs’ decrease in sales.” The result was a huge win for both Enhanced Athlete, the Wyoming-based company, and the supplement industry in general. By standing up for themselves, Scott Cavell and Enhanced Athlete set a precedence that other supplement companies can hope to follow. When considering the ethical backbone of Enhanced Athlete, along with its commitment to excellent products, there’s no question that they are the place to turn when it comes to getting fit.

Where To Get A Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas

The city of Dallas is just like any other large city. It has fine dining, has sporting events and has excitement. If you’ve ever been to Dallas, then you’ve probably noticed all of the state-of-the-art medical institutions that line the streets. Many of these exceptional facilities specialize in butt lift surgery, and they have an extensive resume to backup all claims. Brazilian Butt lift Dallas has been providing high-quality butt lifts since 2002. Dr. Kevin Light is highly trained in the task at hand, and he has been the author of numerous health-related books. This fine facility will work with the patient by providing low monthly payments.


The Brazilian butt lift is the more popular version of this procedure, and it delivers great results for those who want a little more junk-in-the-trunk. There are many things to consider before undergoing this treatment and if you don’t abide by the regulations, then there isn’t any doctor who will risk his/her reputation for commencing with the work. One of the first things to consider is that the patient has to be in good general-health standings. This means that you can’t be taking large doses of medications or suffering from any illnesses. On top of that, patients can’t be a heavy-drinker or be a heavy-smoker. These two aspects must be removed or drastically decreased befor commencing with butt lift surgery.


Another great location for butt lift surgery is Innovations Medical. Dr. Bill Johnson provides advanced-cosmetic procedures, and he has been recognized by numerous television outlets such as “The Doctors” and “Good Morning Texas.” This facility used PRP Activated Fat Technology, which can help extend the life of Brazilian butt lifts. All in all, Brazilian butt lifts are all of the rage these days and the city of Dallas has moved into the forefront of it all.


Let IDLife Help You Build A Better Lifestyle

Each year, more individuals are becoming interested in improving their lifestyle, health, fitness and desire to live disease free. The company IDLife has come up with a solution to help those prevent poor health and improve their well-being.

IDLife offer nutritional supplements that are customized to the particular needs of the customer. Men and women for example, require different nutritional needs. Depending on your own circumstance, your nutritional requirements could vary depending on any medications you take, any existing illnesses and your current activity level.

There are many different opinions on what is healthy and what is not. This can be confusing, and make the thought of getting healthier overwhelming. IDLife takes the guesswork out of improving your health with their 3-step program suitable for anyone. Their program will not only help you lose weight, but reduce your need for medication, reduce the risk of disease and increase your energy levels.

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Garmin is a company that creates wearable fitness trackers that are designed to track details of your fitness session. Their trackers work on those who enjoy cycling, aerobics, swimming, and running, just to name a few. Over time, you can improve your workout sessions by comparing your previous workouts to your current ones. They track your heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned and workout time to keep you motivated. IDLife and Garmin have created a unique partnership to reach more individuals around the world. Their focus isn’t just on helping you lose weight, they want you to improve your lifestyle overall. Together, the two companies are taking the health and wellness industry by storm. By combining the most technologically advanced fitness tracker with IDLife’s customized nutritional plans, the sky is the limit when it comes to your fitness goals.

IDLife was founded by Logan Stout, a former professional athlete, author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He enjoys helping motivate people to reach their health and fitness goals. His focus is to create nutritional products and plans to help you live a longer, healthier life. It will be exciting to see what this new partnership between Garmin and IDLife will bring to the health and wellness sector.

See: http://digitalmode.net/2017/07/13/founder-idlife-logan-stout-announces-exciting-partnership-garmin/

The Nevo Energy Drink by Jeunesse Global

Energy drinks are always on the shelves of retail stores these days. It seems that we all need a boost from time to time. Jeunesse Global, the anti-aging global sensation, realized this and wanted to do their own version of an energy drink. They felt that they could basically do a better job of making these specialized drinks, and they wanted to take a stab at doing so.

Nevo is the name of what they came up with. They admit that they are not the first to craft a highly caffeinated beverage, but they do believe that they have done a better job of it than have some others.

The primary thing that Jeunesse Global has done so differently from the others is use ingredients that naturally produce caffeine. That is a better choice than the artificial sources of caffeine that most other energy drinks rely on. They just try to pack their drink with as much caffeine as possible. Jeunesse Global wants that caffeine to be of the natural variety so that it packs as much punch as possible.

Berries from the Guarana plant are where you will find a lot of the caffeine that goes into Nevo. Those berries have natural properties that can give you the boost of energy that you need to keep going throughout your day.

This is an interesting product choice from the anti-aging company Jeunesse Global. They know that it is a little different from their other product offerings. At the same time, they understand that sometimes you have to mix up what you are providing to people. After all, there are always different people with different concerns and issues when it comes to their aging. Having this out on the market as a contender to the other energy drinks out there gives people a choice.

We cannot simply allow ourselves to fall into the false belief that we must choose between having an energy drink that we hate or having no energy drink at all. We can have it all when we purchase from the right company. Jeunesse Global is looking out for you.