Marc Beer Brilliant Leadership in Renovia

Seven months ago, Renovia made some significant strides because the Food and (Drug Administration) approved Leva. The product satisfied the board and this has been the tradition of Marc Beer led the company for the last couple of years. The recent approvals cement the Renovia position in this niche. Due to adherence to set laws, the company has been able to gain the image of a viable investment option by various investors in the medical niche. In the past 12 months, the company has received over $42 million worth of funding from investors satisfied with the company’s direction.



According to the CEO, the funding is timely. Mark Beer is certain that sharing the company’s vision with investors will only strengthen the company’s ability to continue improving women health. Mark Beer has also been passionate about raising the standards of women health. Women health, specifically reproductive health has been part of his life as a professional. His determination in providing the best diagnosis approach, treatment procedure, and medicine indicates Mark Beer dynamism in this medical niche. In just two years in operation, the Miami University graduate has done what other investors have failed in that short span.



Apart from having passion in providing a solution to women health, Mark Beer is one of the best professional organizers and CEOs in organizational skills. With only two years in operation, he has been able to bring together the best brains in the medical world. The first professional he brought on board was William Dull. Dull is an expert in supervising medical companies and overseeing their profitability ventures. Due to the company’s need to be the trendsetter in innovation and research, Mark Beer also introduced one of the best researchers in women health, José Bohorquez. In that short span, the Ph.D. holder has brought a lot of dynamism treatment design.



Another reason why investors were willing to invest in Mark Beer’s dream was his experience in this particular field. Before founding Renovia, he was part of similar entities, which focused on women reproduction health. Some of the organization Beer worked for include Abbott Laboratories, which is (now) a public traded company and Good Start Genetics. The latter was his brainchild. He, however, sold the controlling shares to concentrate on Renovia. This vast experience in the medical world and his experience in setups was also part of the considerations the investors considered. In all the previous companies Mark Beer worked for had the same model as Renovia and therefore the future of this company according to investors can only be great. Learn more:



In addition to his vision, his experience, and his organizational skills, Beer has unmatched leadership skills which many pundits have termed as natural. He has always been able to make strides in the medical world without losing commercial control of the company.


Graeme Holm Changes Loans in Australia

Graeme Holm is a well experienced individual in the financial industry. Between working on behalf of 4 different companies, and 17 years of experience, Graeme Holm took the helm of his future in 2013. He founded Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd with the mission of fixing the financial deals families were getting all over Australia. The website Blogwebpedia recently published an article about the client-first approach Graeme Holm takes with his business.


In 2013, the doors of Infinity Group Australia swung open for the first time. Graeme Holm and his partner began to change the loan deals an everyday family was getting. They were fully aware most families live paycheck to paycheck and are unlikely to be able to handle certain kinds of loans. Acquiring a good loan is all about having a knowledgeable financial coach who can establish the perfect plan for any client.


A typical day for Graeme Holm begins bright and early with the crack of dawn. He will use physical and mental exercises to get his brain going for the day. From here, tasks are divided between transactional and transformational categories. This refers to tasks that workers will perform and company changing actions. Just before going to bed, Graeme Holm plans the next top 5 transformational tasks that need to be completed the next day and calls it a day.


The company has received rave reviews from its clients. Families cite the friendly atmosphere and stress relief of knowing everything is taken care of as the best aspects of Infinity Group Australia. Graeme Holm fully believes the keys to success are collaboration and customer service. Bouncing ideas and fourth within the organization, in addition to being active in the community, go a long ways to developing a strong public image. Learn more:


The article concludes with personal advice from Graeme Holm. Its vital to have the right team of individuals who are just as passionate as you about the subject area. Sometimes, offering something free up front is just what is needed to attract clients. Meeting a client is just the first step to securing a business deal. As an example, Infinity Group Australia is known for free consultations to bring clients to the table.


The modern business world is competitive, but an honest business with a positive image can easily secure a loyal client base. Infinity Group Australia is an example of what a passionate group of individuals can do when given the chance. The loan market in Australia needed a change, and Graeme Holm saw himself as the man for the job. There is always a niche in the market that someone can one day fill.