Demi Goes from Glam to Sporty as she Partners with Sportswear Brand Fabletics

As has become the new tradition each time one has a big announcement, Grammy nominee Demi Lovato took to instagram to spill about her upcoming collaboration with Kate Hudson’s sportswear line Fabletics. The songstress kept her devoted followers in suspense with a series of teaser posts on her instagram page before finally deciding to reveal the big news. In her final post she expresses her delight by saying she’s so proud to partner with the company to design leisure wear that will have you feeling amazing inside and out. She continues to say that being active has always been a big part of her life and so it is essential for her to design a line that is comfortable, fashionable, accessible and at the same time encouraging you to tend to your mind and body.


This new project is for sole purpose of supporting the United Nation’s initiative-Girl up. Girl up is a female empowerment movement aimed at empowering young girls around the world to become a force for change for females everywhere. Fabletics will help support Girl Up’s SchoolCycle initiative, this initiative provides girls with bicycles, and training on how to maintain them in partnership with UNFPA. With a bike, girls have the capability to travel faster and safely to and from school while helping to ensure that they can continue their education. These bikes provide an empirical means of transport and also give girls the independence to build a better future for themselves and everyone around them.


Demi felt that this collaboration was the ideal way for her to incorporate her love for fashion and music with her zeal for female empowerment. Her designs which include daring colours and stylish prints will be a direct reflects of her song lyrics which carry empowering messages like “confident” and “unbroken.” She adds that her being involved in the creative design process while at the same time getting the opportunity to have a daily impact on young girls’ lives all over the world makes this initiative very dear to her heart.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has succeeded in growing a $250 million business in three years. Clients prefer brands that are aspiring; this combined with convenience produces a rather strong combination. Fabletics applies the subscription technic to sell clothing to its clients. Fabletics’ strategy and positioning is proving to be very beneficial for the fashion membership brand as they intend on opening more athletic stores later in the year in addition to the sixteen that are currently open in places like Hawaii, Illinois, Florida and California.


Gregg Throgmartin the General Manager of Fabletics shares their secret to success-creating a modern and imaginative version of a ‘high-value brand’ from the get go. He adds that their membership model is what enables them to render personalized services and trending fashion at a ridiculously reduced price compared to their competitors; It’s a lot easier to please people when you know what it is they want and who they are.