Ann Scango: A Modern Artist from Austin

Art has a lot of styles and forms, and many have been using different media to express themselves. Artists believe that art has no limit, and everything they can do to express their emotion can be considered an art. Ann Scango, a modern artist who lives in Austin, Texas, has been freely expressing herself using industrial products as her main medium. She uses straws, Styrofoam, and other industrial by-products to create a 3D representation of the thing she wanted to express. Ann Scango is celebrated as one of the newest breakthrough artists, and her works are admired all throughout the state.


When she was still in college, she decided to take up a specialization in sculpturing. Ann Scango loved what she was doing, and expressing herself through the use of sculptures and statues have made her feel accepted and valued. She turned industrial by-products into 3D sculptures, creating forms that look abstract, while some represent realistic figures. Aside from sculptures, she also formulated new techniques on how to create colleges and molding. She used these techniques to create powerful artworks, and it became her advantage. Recently, Ann Scango opened up a gallery putting up her collection in it. The gallery, called the Scango Collection, is one of the growing attraction sites in Austin, Texas. She stated that her gallery is dedicated to all female artists, and It highlights the women’s importance in the field of art.

She has a lot of experiences in the past which has involved her participation in different events celebrating art. From 2010 to 2015, the Austin-based artists have been actively participating at the Firestar Austin Fellowship. The event has given her a chance to develop her art style and meet new people that would influence her works. These events have changed her life for the better, and after her mind was opened to new styles and approaches in doing artworks, she started to receive different recognition and awards from a number of sources. She was featured in magazines and online articles for doing unique artworks and displaying them to inspire the public and to encourage the women.