Peter Briger on the move SoftBank to Acquire Fortress

Peter Briger, an elite businessman and financial guru has served as the principal and Co-Chairman of Fortress Investment Group since 2006. He also serves at Caliber Schools board of directors where he is committed to providing knowledge to students before they join colleges.

In his heyday, Peter Briger bought and sold cars in Thailand, mortgages in Japan, and beverages in South Korea. With knowledge in the economics of supply and demand, he bought goods, which were facing economic problems and that had fallen out of favor of industrial mainstream capital source then sold them for a profit. The move was to buy low and sell high. Peter Briger was named a billionaire with his wealth being built on expertise accumulation of wealth by trading assets and his salary. Fortress group has been articulated to be making secretive high profits trades, which is attributed to the wealth of Peter Briger. Read this articles at to learn more about Peter Briger.

Peter is articulated to have been one of the directors who put the pedal on development at Fortress Capital. This is as a result of the successful fund that enabled the team to raise $4.7 billion directed to “Fortress Credit Opportunity Fund IV” project. In recent years, Peter has been able to beat the financial crisis he faced in the past as he found opportunity in distress. Due to his reputation inbuilt on trustworthiness, he has a high reputation as a manager and team builder. According to Peter Briger the move by SoftBank to acquire Fortress makes sense considering the history of SoftBank as a potential business partner. SoftBank has in the past shown the ability to rebrand itself from a mere PC software seller to a renowned e-commerce electronic and telecommunications giant. Briger articulated that partnership with such a company is projected to be mutually beneficial for both companies.

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