Alex Hern And Technology’s Newest Frontier

Alex HernThe current possibilities of technology are as endless as the imagination of the people creating them. Alex Hern is one of those individuals who’s ideas helped cultivate the modern state of technology. He was an active contributor to the foundation of the internet, and helped develop many modern day services including AOL and Yahoo. His passion for technology has never ceased all these years later. Between two online interviews, Alex Hern goes into depth on his present ventures and where he sees the future of the industry.

In a Ideamensch interview, he describes how his company was founded. He realized early on that the industry would shift into GPU software, and he needed place to freely experiment with the software. Alex Hern likes to stay one step ahead of the industry trends. A typical day for him often involves spending numerous hours immersed in a single task. He is most known for his distaste for multi-tasking among his peers. He goes on to describe his job as a marathon, not a spirit. Software development is always in a state of constantly changing.

Next in a recent interview with Patch, Alex Hern describes virtual reality. He believes this to be the next frontier for digital innovation. Gamers get an experience like no other, while recreational use for adults have boundless possibilities. It can be used for simulations for doctor and military training. The idea is still gaining traction by the mass consumer audience, but there is little doubt of the direction technology is taking.

Alex Hern is a man whose career can be defined by the progression of the internet. From the creation of modern day search engines and email, to technology’s next domain, he is there each step of the way. Tsunami is an outlet for Alex Hern to experiment, and ultimately shape the course of technology for generations to come.

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