Alex Hern And Technology’s Newest Frontier

Alex HernThe current possibilities of technology are as endless as the imagination of the people creating them. Alex Hern is one of those individuals who’s ideas helped cultivate the modern state of technology. He was an active contributor to the foundation of the internet, and helped develop many modern day services including AOL and Yahoo. His passion for technology has never ceased all these years later. Between two online interviews, Alex Hern goes into depth on his present ventures and where he sees the future of the industry.

In a Ideamensch interview, he describes how his company was founded. He realized early on that the industry would shift into GPU software, and he needed place to freely experiment with the software. Alex Hern likes to stay one step ahead of the industry trends. A typical day for him often involves spending numerous hours immersed in a single task. He is most known for his distaste for multi-tasking among his peers. He goes on to describe his job as a marathon, not a spirit. Software development is always in a state of constantly changing.

Next in a recent interview with Patch, Alex Hern describes virtual reality. He believes this to be the next frontier for digital innovation. Gamers get an experience like no other, while recreational use for adults have boundless possibilities. It can be used for simulations for doctor and military training. The idea is still gaining traction by the mass consumer audience, but there is little doubt of the direction technology is taking.

Alex Hern is a man whose career can be defined by the progression of the internet. From the creation of modern day search engines and email, to technology’s next domain, he is there each step of the way. Tsunami is an outlet for Alex Hern to experiment, and ultimately shape the course of technology for generations to come.

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Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon. He has forty years of experience. The doctor is married and blessed with four children. He removes foreign objects from the digestives system parts.

The doctor has assisted over 1000 kids get foreign objects from their food pipe and trachea. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

Kids are naïve. Once they find an object, they are curious and direct it to the mouth. These objects may get swallowed accidentally. There may be complications if the object gets stuck on the food pipe. The object may also pass to the trachea accidentally.

Such a situation may bring about difficulties in breathing and swallowing. Examples of objects which may get stuck when consumed include coin, peanuts, and hot dogs.

In case a child below six years swallows an object, and it gets stuck, there is a remedy. Hold the child upside down and tap on his back for the object to pop out.

An older child should be held by the waist from behind then thrust the abdomen for the object to pop out. If these two methods fail, seek medical assistance.

Dr. Saad invented improvement of a device called endoscopes. It is a device used to look inside the esophagus and the trachea. The improved device gives a clear image without blockage. An x-ray can also help in identifying where the object is trapped.

Certain objects that are very risky when swallowed. For instance, batteries. Batteries may be big or small. The small ones are easy for a child to swallow. The danger is that such cells may pour acid causing burns. Another risky object is a peanut.

Peanut is small, and most likely it gets trapped in the windpipe. The liquid in the trachea may make the peanut swell causing further blockage. Dr. Saad describes that it is difficult to remove a peanut from a kid’s trachea.

Dr. Saad Saad advice the parents to keep watch of their children. It should include during their play time. The parents should ensure that their children are not playing with foreign objects.

He also recommends that children below two years should not eat hot dogs. Another advice to the parents is that children under seven should not be allowed to have peanuts. Read more: When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad has success stories in removing foreign objects. They include

  • He removed a toothbrush from a fourteen-year-old kid. The toothbrush was stuck in the windpipe.
  • There was a six-year-old girl who was shedding her teeth. She accidentally swallowed the tooth. The tooth was stuck in the trachea. Dr. Saad was able to remove the tooth safely.

Removing a foreign object from a patient is extremely difficult. It requires a lot of expertise. Dr. Saad has the knowledge and experience.

Ryan Seacrest Shows The Industry How To Juggle Two Jobs

There are only 24 hours in a day, but Ryan Seacrest makes it look like more. He hails as a successful radio broadcast host, executive producer, and television personality. He has also done a great job as a entrepreneur. How does Seacrest do it all? He admits that Dick Clark acted as a mentor before his passing by giving him sound advice on juggling a hectic schedule. Ryan Seacrest was able to focus on his career and make time for his personal life. Today, he lives to exercise and enjoy a glass of wine. He also enjoys a committed relationship with his long time girlfriend.

Seacrest is co-producer for the popular E! Hollywood show Keeping Up With The Katdashians. The star lined up also includes reality television star, Kim Kardashian. KUWTK is watched in over 2.4 million homes worldwide. The radio show host also prodeuces the hit television show American Idol which features talent from around the world. The long running talent show is also a fan favorite among millions of families. He has been able to successfully play a key role in the production of both shows for over 10 years. Seacrest has had a strong appearance on television along with his radio podcast.

If you’re interested in learning more business news about Ryan Seacrest, you can visit his professional social media accounts. He is also know for being a co-host on the Live With Kelly and Ryan Show. He enjoys working alongside Kelly Ripa and seeing her smile. Together, they have watched their ratings soar. They have been able to make the Guinness Book of World records by having the most people doing the floss dance for over a minute in the Big Apple. Ryan Seacrest has been able to successfully replace former host Regis Philbin and Michael Strahan.

His men’s clothing line is a collection of suits that offers a special feature for laid back professionals. The suit jacket has been able to host a wonder collection of casual business wear for men around the world. Seacrest is also interested in starting a sportswear line for gym enthusiasts with breathable clothing.

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Marc Beer Brilliant Leadership in Renovia

Seven months ago, Renovia made some significant strides because the Food and (Drug Administration) approved Leva. The product satisfied the board and this has been the tradition of Marc Beer led the company for the last couple of years. The recent approvals cement the Renovia position in this niche. Due to adherence to set laws, the company has been able to gain the image of a viable investment option by various investors in the medical niche. In the past 12 months, the company has received over $42 million worth of funding from investors satisfied with the company’s direction.



According to the CEO, the funding is timely. Mark Beer is certain that sharing the company’s vision with investors will only strengthen the company’s ability to continue improving women health. Mark Beer has also been passionate about raising the standards of women health. Women health, specifically reproductive health has been part of his life as a professional. His determination in providing the best diagnosis approach, treatment procedure, and medicine indicates Mark Beer dynamism in this medical niche. In just two years in operation, the Miami University graduate has done what other investors have failed in that short span.



Apart from having passion in providing a solution to women health, Mark Beer is one of the best professional organizers and CEOs in organizational skills. With only two years in operation, he has been able to bring together the best brains in the medical world. The first professional he brought on board was William Dull. Dull is an expert in supervising medical companies and overseeing their profitability ventures. Due to the company’s need to be the trendsetter in innovation and research, Mark Beer also introduced one of the best researchers in women health, José Bohorquez. In that short span, the Ph.D. holder has brought a lot of dynamism treatment design.



Another reason why investors were willing to invest in Mark Beer’s dream was his experience in this particular field. Before founding Renovia, he was part of similar entities, which focused on women reproduction health. Some of the organization Beer worked for include Abbott Laboratories, which is (now) a public traded company and Good Start Genetics. The latter was his brainchild. He, however, sold the controlling shares to concentrate on Renovia. This vast experience in the medical world and his experience in setups was also part of the considerations the investors considered. In all the previous companies Mark Beer worked for had the same model as Renovia and therefore the future of this company according to investors can only be great. Learn more:



In addition to his vision, his experience, and his organizational skills, Beer has unmatched leadership skills which many pundits have termed as natural. He has always been able to make strides in the medical world without losing commercial control of the company.


The Tsunami XR Of Alex Hern

One of the biggest challenges of the digital age is getting everyone in the company together at one time. Not only is it hard enough to schedule everyone for a meeting, but it does not help that everyone is spread out so far, sometimes across the globe. As such meeting software is taking off with a number of different companies investing in own software, with different ideas. One such software program is Tsunami XR, which creates an entire environment for workplace meetings. A project from Alex Hern, it allows for the organization of projects, enabling those involved in the project to see what is happening at a glance as well as share information.

Tsunami XR allows for those involved in projects to stay organized and in communication. The base of the system is standard meeting software, which allows a team to discuss problems and formulate solutions as well as organize the project. The software package also includes workspaces and time data boards, allowing a team to track how the individual parts of the project and see how it all fits together. They can also share files easily and in real time, meaning that they can easily discuss information during meetings as well as post current information as needed.

The Tsunami XR is the brainchild of Alex Hern. While most entrepreneurs have multiple iron in the fire, Alex Hern prefers to see each project through, believing that multi-tasking on separate projects dilutes those projects, and allows them to be lost in the shuffle. Focusing on individual projects allows the project manager to make sure that everyone that needs to be done to bring that project to fruition will happen. Given the importance of such software as Tsunami XR in bringing teams together that focus should help it to be successful.

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The Entrepreneur Alex Hern

ThroughAlex Hernout his long entrepreneurial career, Alex Hern has focused primarily on the founding and developing technology companies. He was a co-founder and director of Inktomi Golman Sachs. He has also co-founded and served as director of Yesmail, an email marketing company that was eventually sold to CMGI. He also co-founded and served as chairman and CEO of Military Commercial Technologies. He has co-founded and served as director of Arcsight, a cybersecurity company before it was sold to Hewlett-Packard for $1.5 billion. He has co-founded and served as director of CloudShield until it was sold to SAIC. He has also founded and served on the boards of both and Triton Network Systems. He has served as a board member for Zero Knowledge Systems.

Along this extensive founding and leading pathway, he has learned and seen much in the technology world. One of the things he has been convinced of is the ever-present need for the introduction of new software applications and platforms. This is apparent with the continually increasing capabilities of PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. He says he spends 4 to 5 hours every day just thinking about new innovations that will take his company forward. He says he does this best at night when everyone else has gone home.

Of all his great entrepreneurial qualities, he says he appreciates his ability to focus the most. And he will always focus on one thing at a time since studies have proven that multitasking is profoundly unproductive, resulting in shoddy work or stuff not getting done at all. He says another thing that helps him be productive is to start every day bright and early. He always makes it a priority to hire and work with only a team of executives he knows he can fully trust. He leaves the day to day operation up to this trustworthy team. He is most excited about how A.I. technology will change the face of his industry in the future.

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