Questions Raised Over Rocketship Education Article

The work of Rocketship Education and its fellow charter schools has always caused concern for many quarters of the public and media. An NPR article looking at the inner workings of Rocketship Education has recently become the source of much annoyance for members of the school community and the wider charter school sector. Rocketship Education was established in 2006 after two former public school educators decided the system in and around San Jose, California was failing many children. The success of the Rocketship school system has seen more than 13 institutions open over the last decade and a range of success stories added to the school’s story.

One of the major issues with the work of Rocketship Education has been a lack of understanding about what the group is seeking to do within the community. The piece published by NPR has been attacked by commentators and journalists for a lack of understanding about what the aims and goals of Rocketship Education are. The writer of the NPR article stated her belief in a balanced piece of writing because she interviewed both an unhappy parent and a happy one. Respected education journalist and charter schools supporter, Richard Whitmire believes any discussion about the relative success or failure of a school should include a comparison with local neighborhood schools.

Rocketship Education is undoubtedly a popular charter school system for U.S. families who are seeking new ways of educating their children in a successful way. The article did not address the reasons why the charter school system is so popular or successful, instead, the writer decided to focus solely on the negative aspects of anecdotes told by a single unhappy parent. In fact, the majority of questions raised concerns affecting each and every school in the U.S. based around classroom management issues. Rocketship Education CEO Preston Smith believes the work being completed at the charter school is evolving and addressing the same concerns facing public schools in an evolving way.

The success story of Dr. Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a successful businessman who has touched people’s lives in many ways. Other than being a businessman, he is also a motivational speaker. He has shared his experience in many forums. He has spoken in various Universities and other leadership forums, like World economic Event and also on Commonwealth Business Forum at CHOGM, about different subjects. Dr. Vijay can speak on almost any topic including spirituality and business among others.

In 1998, Dr. Vijay spearheaded the formation of the Q1 group by like-minded people. The company deals with direct selling as well as training others. The company has grown with time and had offices in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. It has spread to almost 30 countries through its subsidiary companies. Dr. Vijay is highly philanthropic, and that has led him to establish RHYTHM Foundation. The foundation is the arm that deals with the social responsibilities of the company. He is also listed in the Forbes as one of the heroes of Philanthropy.

Vijay originated from Asia but took his studies in the leading universities in both the United Kingdom and the USA. He worked in different top companies like the IBM, holding very responsible positions in countries like UK, US, Canada and also Australia. He later decided to return to Asia and begin a series of companies in Asia. The Doctor focuses more on direct sales, telecommunication. Education, training, lifestyle and leisure, luxury and collectibles, property management, logistics among others. He is also a writer of books and has written one of the widely read books on salience. It is a life management book which is helping hundreds of people. The doctor has also written five other books on different topics. Dr. Vijay has also won several awards. He has been awarded the Regional humanitarian award. He also won the International leader in Global Business Strategies award from the GOPIO that is the Global Organization for people of Indian origin. During the Malaysian education summit, he was awarded a special prize for education Entrepreneurship and leadership.

Felipe Montoro Jens: Requesting the Inter-American Development Bank for Additional Funding

Felipe Montoro Jens recently reported about what happened regarding the meeting conducted by the members of the Inter-American Development Bank in the city of Mendoza, Argentina. The meeting was conducted back in March 2018, and Brazil sent two representatives to the event – Felipe Montoro Jens, who currently works as a government consultant, and Dyogo Oliveira, the country’s planning, development, and management minister. Brazil has been asking the Inter-American Development Bank for more loans because the country is going under a great infrastructure renaissance. Brazil needs additional funding that would help them create more infrastructures, and without the help coming from the Inter-American Development Bank, they would not be able to finish their projects. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Dyogo Oliveira and Felipe Montoro Jens explained that Brazil is an emerging power, and it is important for them to create more infrastructures that would generate more profit for the country’s economy. It would also make all of their territories accessible, delivering goods and services at a much cheaper rate. The Inter-American Development Bank has been providing financial assistance to its members ever since it was established, and Brazil received a lot of help from the organization that helped them transform their economy. Today, the Inter-American Development Bank reported that Latin American countries have been asking for more financial assistance because of the economic development that is happening all over the region. The organization has released more than $360 billion to assist Latin American and Caribbean nations, and the fund is mostly used in infrastructure projects.

Felipe Montoro Jens and Dyogo Oliveira hope that the Inter-American Development Bank would grant their request for additional funding for Brazil. They said that the country would be using the fund for the construction of more airports and seaports, to provide an additional point of entry for tourists which slowly revitalize the country’s economy. They will also use it to build more roads, hospitals, and schools which would increase the country’s human development index.




OSI Industries New Technology Improves Efficiency And The Environment

OSI Industries is one of the world’s biggest food suppliers. This organization operates out of the Chicago area and has branch locations across the globe. OSI has been in business for a little over 100 years. They are truly considered one of the best corporations in America. This food supplying organization is now implementing newer technologies to make their business more productive and efficient. They are also taking actions that will help to sustain the environments where they operate.

Technology is essential to any business. This is especially true for organizations that must be productive and efficient. OSI Industries CEO, Sheldon Lavin, knows that technology is needed to make this happen. He is implementing various processes and equipment that will help to make this possible. Improving technology usually makes things better for employees since it allows them to do more work with less energy and loss of time.

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Safeguarding the environment just makes sense. Large corporations like OSI Industries need to maintain the environment to ensure that they are not causing harm to nature, wildlife or local communities. Lavin’s commitment in this area is important for helping to keep communities intact. Protecting waterways and local lands ensures that OSI is able to continuously produce the quality foods that it sells. Environmental initiatives also help the organization to stay connected with its customer base, suppliers and partners.

When a food producer makes the effort to improve the environment it helps to reinforce their commitment to the people they serve. This in turn will persuade more customers to consider doing business with this type of organization. OSI doesn’t try to maintain the environment just to get new customers. They do it because it is the right action that they should take. CEO Sheldon Lavin has won various sustainability awards because of his insistence to implementing these processes. OSI Industries continues to grow as a food producer and supplier. They work hard to ensure that their customers receive the best food products possible.

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The History of Organo Gold

A global marketing company, Organo Gold has been impacting the health world for quite some time. The company has had a tremendous impact by producing the second most consumed beverage in the world, coffee. The company produces a number of health products including beverages, personal care products and nutraceuticals.

Organo Gold was founded by Bernardo Chua in 2008. Chua has a great team that includes co-founder Shane Morand, Dr. Irma Prado chief medical consultant and partner Li Ye. Organo has offices in both the United States and Canada. The company uses the multilevel marketing structure to sell its product through distributers. They share their profits with the company and sales people.

Organo’s coffee, along with a number of their products, are made around a unique mushroom called ganoderma. This herb has been credited with having many positive effects on health including controlling cholesterol and anitviral qualities, thus making it healthier than most coffee’s on the market. Organo produces several other beverages including green tea, hot chocolate, latte’s and a number of supplements. The company’s personal care products have also been very successful and include products like beauty soap and toothpaste.


Organo Gold has had tremendous success across the world. In 2010 the company made an estimated thirty-five million dollars in revenue. Organo Gold has a set of values that they believe are the reason for their success. These values include loyalty, family and being united. The belief in edifying others to reach their full potential. Currently their products are offered in not only the United States and Canada, but in Germany, the Netherlands, and Jamaica.

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Know More About Organo Gold Products

ORGANO is a network marketing firm located in Canada. The firm has been dealing with coffee and lively fair for over a decade now. The syndicate brings the olden Chinese herbal medication of Ganoderma lucidum to other parts of the world. It auctions produce, which are filled with antioxidant-rich Ganoderma lucidum prized for it strengthens the properties of the immune system. Independent distributors sell the varied array of personal care, meal supplement, pre-brewed coffees, and health supplement in over fifty nations. The firm developed as current suppliers sponsor new suppliers to sell the product. These distributors get their earnings from straight sales and from unilevel and double team bonuses. Most of the suppliers are part-timers and makes a yearly earning of less than six hundred dollars. However, there is a chance of growth and income of over one hundred thousand dollars annually. It participates in communal work by supporting the worldwide charity OG Care Foundation.


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ORGANO’s commercial operations are based on a worldwide network marketing technique, which targets to change individuals lives and attaining new balances. They give advanced business opportunities to ORGANO suppliers, which offer products illustrations and sales via their preferred client’s program. The work offers generous recompense for persons looking to develop a world-class corporate. The coffee produces presented by the company can assist you to take your coffee skill to a new standard.


The Concern network of the Organo Gold produce defends who supply ORGANO products to customers directly. The produce is not obtainable through coffeehouse or stores but is relatively supplied by these persons to their individual client base. The firm’s model of business offers a personalized shopping skill via ORGANO trained independent suppliers. These sellers can then of sponsorship to others to begin their own ORGANO distributorship. People sell and promote the firm’s produce on a recurring basis.

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Neurocore: Here’s What You Need To Know About This Highly Technical, Cutting-Edge Company.

Neurocore, which was founded in 2004, has Neurocore Brain Performance Centers that provide brain-focused assessments and training programs for both children and adults.

Neurocore built up a reputation as an authority in the methods of neuroscience. Neurocore has centers in the state of Florida and Michigan. These centers are accessible for the public to use in many different ways.

Even well-known sports franchises like the Portland Trail Blazers pro basketball team have worked directly with Neurocore by adding a room to their sports facilities. These rooms have Neurocore’s technology in them. The ability of athletes to train and improve brain function as well as their cardiovascular, respiratory and endocrine systems is impressive.

What Does Neurocore Do For Its Patients?

Neurocore utilizes qEEG, EEG and also something called neurofeedback that assists by improving sleep disorders, mental acuity and also boosting a patient’s ability to manage stress. Neurocore melds neurofeedback with heart rate variability (HRV) training. HRV training is a specific type of biofeedback.

Neurocore uses a specific process, which involves retraining the subconscious part of a person’s brain by regulating particular breathing patterns. Neurocore uses these therapeutic breathing practices as part of this retraining. Because of this, patients at these Neurocore centers can improve their bodies and minds, simultaneously. The impressive elements of Neurocore include technological approaches, which can help to strengthen the connections of the body and the mind as well.

How Is Neurocore Approaching ADHD?

ADHD — also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a disorder that starts in childhood and can last in adulthood. According to the information noted by about Neurocore’s approach to ADHD treatments at their center, Neurocore has had great success with building up their knowledge regarding applied neurotherapy for ADHD found in adults, children, and teens.

The article also noted about Neurocore’s work with ADHD patients that there had been thousands of kids that have been diagnosed with ADHD who have experienced a lessening of symptoms while at Neurocore. The also noted that 53 percent of kids had been reported not to have any ADHD, symptomatic thresholds.