Renovia Inc. doing exploits in med-tech research – thanks to Marc Beer’s leadership

The Renovia Company was founded in the year 2016, investing in the development of commercial medical diagnosis and treatment products. The company’s innovative products specifically targeted improving the quality of life of women suffering from specific medical conditions and disorders. Renovia’s investment in medical technology targeted enhancing treatment of pelvic-related disorders and conditions. To achieve its mission, the company continues to rely on medical innovation as well as partnerships with other companies in the financing and medical research sector to develop medical products for the mass markets.




Based in Boston, the Renovia Inc. recently launched an array of medical technology products targeting remediating medical conditions allied to urinary incontinence. According to the company’s ideologies, the medical conditions it targets to develop medical diagnostic and support products for are those which affect the public on a large scale. Urinary incontinence, in this regard, affects over 250 million women in the world today. The medical diagnostic and treatment solution provided by Renovia would, therefore, help alleviate suffering among the targeted population group.




The company’s tech research and innovations have paid off as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Leva device which is regarded as an efficient solution to urinary incontinence. Renovia has been working with a host of other stakeholders in the market to develop most of its products. The breakthrough in developing Leva has attracted new funding from healthcare-allied investment firms including Longwood Fund. According to Renovia Company’s management, the funds would go a long way towards facilitating more research and development of new products.




Marc Beer, Renovia’s co-founder and CEO said that Renovia was working towards the development of improved treatment options for both the public and promised to work with other companies in the med-tech sector to come up with improved medical solutions for chronic medical issues. The company, through commitment asserted by the CEO, said that it would not relent sharing data that would lead to the development of better medical devices and treatments. The result that Renovia targets, according to Mr. Beer, is to lower costs for remediating common chronic patient conditions.




Renovia’s recent successes are largely owed to professional leadership. With Marc Beer bearing over 25 years of valuable experience in biotechnology, medical device development, and medical diagnostics, he has undoubtedly injected much of these valuable skills into Renovia’s operations. Previously before joining Renovia, Beer was the CEO at ViaCell, another biotechnology company specializing in the development of commercial stem cell products. Learn more:



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