Jason Hope Continues To Help The Field Of Regenerative Medicine Through Helpful Monetary Donations

Jason Hope is a futurist, investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has been closely following the progress of the anti-aging industry for years. More specifically, he has been keeping an eye on the work of Dr. Aubrey de Grey; the founder and chief science officer of the SENS Research Foundation. SENS works to conduct research and to discover more about regenerative medicine, which can be used to treat age-related diseases.

What interests Jason Hope, is the fact that SENS is working to treat age-related disease before it ever takes place. This is a radical new approach, and Hope believes so much in the work of the foundation that he decided to donate $500,000 to help it with it along. His donation was announced at the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference, which takes place on a yearly basis. The conference brings together the top minds in the field, which allows them to share what they know in order to further the knowledge base of regenerative medicine. Visit Sens Research Foundation to learn more.

The donation from Jason Hope went towards helping the SENS Foundation to build its “Cambridge SENS Laboratory.” The foundation was also able to begin a research program because of his donation. Hope admitted in an interview that he was very glad to be able to a part of the foundation’s work and feels that the future is much brighter because of the possibilities that Dr. de Grey’s work creates. At the conference, Jason Hope spoke a bit about regenerative medicine can help to treat Alzheimer’s disease and lung and heart disease and is excited about the possibility of stopping these before they ever occur in a person.

Jason Hope is an Arizona native who studied at Arizona State University. He earned his bachelor’s degree in finance at the college and went on to receive his master’s degree in business administration from the university’s W.P. Carey School of Business. For as long as he can remember, Hope has worked to improve the community he lives in. He has done so through donations to many different local, regional, and statewide charitable organizations and causes that he believes in. If there were more men like Mr. Hope in the world, it would surely be a better place.

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Renovia Inc. doing exploits in med-tech research – thanks to Marc Beer’s leadership

The Renovia Company was founded in the year 2016, investing in the development of commercial medical diagnosis and treatment products. The company’s innovative products specifically targeted improving the quality of life of women suffering from specific medical conditions and disorders. Renovia’s investment in medical technology targeted enhancing treatment of pelvic-related disorders and conditions. To achieve its mission, the company continues to rely on medical innovation as well as partnerships with other companies in the financing and medical research sector to develop medical products for the mass markets.




Based in Boston, the Renovia Inc. recently launched an array of medical technology products targeting remediating medical conditions allied to urinary incontinence. According to the company’s ideologies, the medical conditions it targets to develop medical diagnostic and support products for are those which affect the public on a large scale. Urinary incontinence, in this regard, affects over 250 million women in the world today. The medical diagnostic and treatment solution provided by Renovia would, therefore, help alleviate suffering among the targeted population group.




The company’s tech research and innovations have paid off as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Leva device which is regarded as an efficient solution to urinary incontinence. Renovia has been working with a host of other stakeholders in the market to develop most of its products. The breakthrough in developing Leva has attracted new funding from healthcare-allied investment firms including Longwood Fund. According to Renovia Company’s management, the funds would go a long way towards facilitating more research and development of new products.




Marc Beer, Renovia’s co-founder and CEO said that Renovia was working towards the development of improved treatment options for both the public and promised to work with other companies in the med-tech sector to come up with improved medical solutions for chronic medical issues. The company, through commitment asserted by the CEO, said that it would not relent sharing data that would lead to the development of better medical devices and treatments. The result that Renovia targets, according to Mr. Beer, is to lower costs for remediating common chronic patient conditions.




Renovia’s recent successes are largely owed to professional leadership. With Marc Beer bearing over 25 years of valuable experience in biotechnology, medical device development, and medical diagnostics, he has undoubtedly injected much of these valuable skills into Renovia’s operations. Previously before joining Renovia, Beer was the CEO at ViaCell, another biotechnology company specializing in the development of commercial stem cell products. Learn more: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2013/01/23/aegerion-ceo-on-promise-of-biopharma.html



Guilherme Paulus’ Word On Brazil’s Tourism Sector

Guilherme Paulus, the GJP Hotels & Resorts Group chairman, was part of the 4th Une Congress. Rio de Janiero played host to the congress that brought together key market players in the tourism industry. Most of the discussions revolved around improving the tourism sector. Unedestinos was highly influential in the success of the congress as they were at the heart of the mobilization efforts.

Guilherme Paulus has been a prominent figure in the tourism industry of Brazil. He built the CVC travel agency from scratch. The tour operator grew in leaps and bounds and is miles ahead of its competition in Latin America. His exploits in the tourism sector earned him a place in the National Tourism Council where he has served for close to fifteen years. He also serves the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies in their International Relations department. Connect with Guilherme Paulus by visiting his linkedin account.

His speech was centered on the progress that Brazil had witnessed in the tourism sector. He also talked of the challenges in the industry as well as the revolution of CVC that was marked by the establishment of CVC Corp. The new outfit comprises of six business units that have specialized in different aspects of the industry. Rextur Advance, Visual Tourism, Trend, the CVC operator, Submarino Viagens, and the Cultural Experiment represent what CVC is all about.

The success of the business model has been centered on their innovative nature. Guilherme Paulus pointed out that CVC introduced charter planes as well as modern tour buses before any other operator. The tour agency also brought on board virtual tourism stores that improved their fortunes. He also spoke on the value of efficient selling. He urged tour service providers not to entirely rely on technology in making sells. The art of communication with clients should not be lost for anyone hoping to achieve greatness.

Brazil boasts of great tourist destinations including Amazon and Rio de Janiero. The seasoned entrepreneur believed that the country’s tourism sector would do tremendously well if they valued such destinations more. Guilherme Paulus has enjoyed recognition on a global scale thanks to his exploits in the industry. Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, and France have all appreciated his work in their respective industries. In his home country, he has received numerous awards including the Personality of the Year award, courtesy of the Viagem e Turismo magazine.

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The Exploits Of Tim Duncan And Talos Energy

Tim Duncan, the founder and chief executive of Talos Energy, pursues the principles of new capital, new partners, and continuing ingenuity which have been set forth by the recent round of energy reform. Talos Energy believes that new ventures lead to more competitive pricing local jobs for the communities that need them the most. He operates in a very non-traditional manner and in a recent Forbes article he has been referred to as one for whom “crises are an opportunity”.

An example of his risk taking is the merger between Talos and Stone Energy Company in the midst of massive flooding and evacuations in Houston caused by hurricane Harvey. Even under optimal circumstances the deal was a gamble because Stone Energy was bankrupt with debt of $800 million dollars. However, Duncan saw the potential of $2.3 billion in assets and finally negotiated the deal from his mother’s dining room. This merger changed Talos Energy from a private company to public entity without having to do a public offering.

The new Talos Energy drills in the Gulf Coast even though drilling platforms in that area are much less stable and much more expensive, and spills are more frequent. But these wells produce for longer periods of time and Duncan’s ventures have proven to be successful. The industry has confidence in his company and, in May, he had already sold 80% of the company’s 2018 assets. Duncan continues to pursue new opportunities by drilling on the Mexican side of the Gulf. His company constructed the Zama-1 platform which is the first offshore exploration well drilled by a private oil company in Mexico’s history. Once again, Duncan’s efforts and exploration paid off with an oil strike in 2017.

Tim Duncan began his career in oil in 1996 with a job at Zilkha Energy. Even then he was interested in the seismic activity in the gulf area. After working for a number of other companies, he founded Talos Energy in 2012 so that he could pursue his gulf interests. His success is a testament to his boundless energy.

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Neurocore at a glance

The human brain is considered the most amazing organs in the body. Even though they are the most adaptable and resilient structures in nature, our mind plays a significant role in our daily lives. This ranges from emotions, thoughts, perceptions, and behaviors. The brain is made up of millions and millions of neurons that use electric pulses to pass information/message from one part to another. The microscopic neurons are responsible for our thinking, functioning, feeling and crunching of complex information. At the end of it all, our in-depth understanding of how powerful the brain is is through how it works. Over the years, the scientists, neurosurgeons, and researchers have been trying to uncover more mysteries about this powerful organ.

Advancement in technology, especially EEG, neurofeedback and brain mapping have given the scientist a platform to understand better how the brain works and ways to improve its performance. Organizations such as Neurocore are among the pioneers in this particular field. The company has advanced its knowledge with state of the art equipment. Currently, they are treating mental disorders such as depression, ASD, ADHD, and anxiety. Such great advancement has a tremendous and tireless journey dating back to the twentieth century.

Alessandro Volta and Luigi Galvani are among the founders of neuroscience. The Italian scientists had begun their work the 18th century. They are the fathers of bioelectric theory. They better explained bioelectric through experiments conducted on frog legs. The legs of the frog were connected on the iron fence, and it was noted that during lightning strikes, the legs contracted slowly by slowly. Volta explained that this was due to the difference in the metal tissues and the frog skin.

Therefore, as a result of the tests, centers such as Neurocore were born. Such training and therapeutic centers have aided in improving the human brain and making it better. Neurocore was established about 14 years ago. Since its inception, the center has managed to redefine the way the human mind works. The ability of the brain has been studied on a scientific level and even led to the establishment of neuroscience.

GoBuySide: Different Ways to Find Quality Candidates In New York

There is a certain benefit to operating in the investment management industry in New York. New York is the financial center of the world, and everything that happens in the financial industry in New York will have some sort of ripple effect on the financial industry on the global scale. The best way to describe it is to say that New York is simply the nerve center of the financial world.

That being said, it can often be hard to find good candidates to work in the financial industry in New York. Most investment management companies are using outdated methods to try and recruit new talent. They are using methods that are not working anymore. If they are finding talented candidates, these candidates often do not have the specific skills that are necessary if you want to work in the financial industry.

What can be done about this? GoBuySide seems to have a solution. They have put extensive work into their recruitment method. They are solely focused on investment management firms. They want to focus on that alone, which is why they are so successful at finding high quality investment managers to fill empty positions in the industry.

Their research is done by using all sorts of advanced technological methods that were not available a decade or two ago. The reality is that people are willing to relocate to find jobs. Thus, your potential pool of candidates is now a lot bigger than it once was. It is easy to find these candidates by using the internet.

However, GoBuySide recognizes that many investment management firms in New York would rather hire someone who actually lives in New York. This gives the person who they are hiring a personal touch. Such a candidate will often be more open to the financial industry in New York, as they will have often worked in that industry for quite a while. They will be more up to date on the latest news and trends in the financial industry in New York. This will help them help you grow your company to new levels.

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Robert Ivy’s Achievement of a Lifetime

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL), on June second, awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award to Robert Ivy. The Institute grants this award to Mississippi affiliated artist and art patrons who are still alive and whose body of work is extraordinary. Former recipients include the late artist Walter Anderson, writer Eudora Wetly, writer Shelby Foote, singer Leontyne Price and actor Morgan Freeman. Still, Robert Ivy stands out among all prior recipients: he is the first and only architect to receive this honor. Read more about Robert Ivy at Wikipedia.

But he is more that an architect. He is an FAIA, an author, an editor, an executive vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). His work at AIA expanded his influence to a global level. Its membership count is at the highest it has ever been in its 160-year history. Some of Ivy’s earlier accomplishments include a designation of the title of Master Architect from the Alpha Rho Chi architecture fraternity and a Dean’s Medal in 2017 from the University of Arkansas fay Jones School of Architecture.

The president of the MIAL, Nancy LaForge, stated that no one else from the state of Mississippi made architecture as accessible to the public as Robert Ivy. She believes Ivy’s deserves this award for his work as an author, writer, and commentator on architecture around the world. And his peers seem to agree with this sentiment. Ivy’s college and the president of AIA, Carl Elefante, FAIA, said that Robert Ivy is a deserving ambassador for their profession due to his work as an editor, author, and practicing architect. Elefante sees this award as the crowning achievement of Ivy’s career and as a crowning personal achievement as a Mississippi native. Elefante added, “On behalf of the AIA, I am truly delighted to congratulate him on this unique honor.”

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