Class Dojo Is Empowering Students And Parents To Communicate More

Class Dojo has created an effective way to help students stay engaged in their schoolwork and have fun at the same time. Parents seem to enjoy Class Dojo just as much as the children do since it allows them to stay informed on how they are doing. On top of this, Teachers and parents can directly communicate with each other through Class Dojo’s app, which can be done at any time of the day. No more busy schedules or errands getting in the way of parents staying involved with their child’s schooling.

Over the years, Class Dojo has continued to grow and expand on their platform. More than two-thirds of all schools in the United States have incorporated Class Dojo to some degree in the curriculum for elementary students. Students are even able to enjoy Class Dojo’s unique features, such as a unique avatar and storyboard to follow for their classroom. Through Class Dojo’s various features, students are able to share things with each other as well as the teacher, posting videos, notes, pictures, and more to the app’s main classroom board.

Students all over the world are able to experience the benefits of using Class Dojo as well, with more schools and countries adopting the learning platform every year. During some special occasions, students have been able to video chat with each other from different classrooms from around the world, letting them see the differences between their schooling and cultures.

More than anything, Class Dojo is trying to build the communication that students have with their parents and teachers to provide a better learning environment over the course of their elementary education. Children are much better at retaining school information and will perform better when they feel confident in themselves and actually want to participate. A friendly environment that is supportive along with the support of parents instead of their absences is proven to help students tremendously over the course of their education.

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