The Great Work of Jeremy Goldstein at the Fountain House Organization

It’s not long before high profile dignitaries meet in a top-shelf dinner that has been organized by Jeremy Goldstein together with Omar Khan and Jim Finkel. This dinner is aimed at consolidating funds that will aid in the noble activities of Fountain House, of recovering the valuable individuals who have the mental illness. Fountain House has been quite focal in the reclamation of this group of individuals, who for a very long time have been ignored and looked down upon by the mentally healthy people. For the same reason, the people recovering from the condition have perceived themselves as inferior, which has greatly contributed to lowering their self-esteem and hence their productivity.


Due to this vice, Fountain house decided to come to the aid of the people with mental illness and restore their dignity which they have been denied for long. They have been treated with contempt and placed in a much-disrespected place in the community. What people forget is that the individuals with this condition are equally human beings and have feelings like any other healthy individuals. In fact, the only difference that distinguishes themselves from the mentally healthy individuals is that they probably require more attention than the normal people.


The unfair treatment subjected to the individuals living with mental illness has in a great way proved to be so detrimental and destructive to the parties affected. Some of the difficulties that they face is coping with other members of the community in the education facilities. Due to the lack of sufficient attention and care that they deserve, the individuals end up dropping out of schools before they accomplish the desired levels of education. The other challenge involves their relationships with the other members of the society. This happens because people who don’t suffer from their condition of mental illness never give them the right understanding that they deserve. This makes it hard to interact and consequently impacting their relationships. No one in the society wants to be associated with a mentally ill person.


The formation of Fountain House and the incorporation of Jeremy Goldstein into the firm’s Board of Directors has been huge save for the affected group living with mental illness. However, other than being a member of the Fountain House’s Board of Directors, Jeremy Goldstein has other commitments in his professional career. He has been practicing law for more than two decades where he has assisted numerous top-notch corporate leaders to solve issues relating to corporate governance and compensation.


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