Securus: Advancements with a Focus on the Human Element

Securus Technologies, the company that’s known for correctional facility services, has recently undergone some improvements. The company has acquired numerous subsidiaries over the years to remain the industry leader. GovPayNet and JPay are two newly acquired companies, which are anticipated to make a huge impact on the business. The reason these companies were acquired is their ability to advance technology for the company; the way that Securus has managed to keep its position as a top service provider throughout the years.


Joining in on over 30 years’ experience that Securus Technologies offers; the companies bring their strengths in the financial services industry. JPay has also recently developed technology that will improve safety in the facilities. Known as wireless containment systems, the devices block the use of contraband cellular devices. The problem with contraband devices has gotten out of control and has been attributed to many crimes both inside and outside of facilities. Another development by JPay is making tablet-style computers available for purchase by inmates. This gives them limited entertainment, and many educational courses they can take online. Having an up to date resume and recent educational experience would open many new doors for inmates upon their return to the working world.


Securus Technologies has also earned recognition for their customer service efforts. Over 95 percent of customers have recently reported that they were satisfied with the company, its products, and the service they received. This is an impressive statistic for any company, and especially for one that works with such a diverse population. The company also earned accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. An “A+” rating has been earned by the company in all areas measured by the BBB. Despite all the bragging rights, Securus Technologies remains dedicated to what it does best; connecting inmates with the world around them.

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