Customers rave about Securus Technologies’ video visitation system

One of the most popular new innovations to the prison communication space in the United States has been the video visitation system created by Securus Technologies. Over the last decade, Securus has rolled out its video visitation platform, enabling prisoners to maintain face-to-face communications with their loved ones on the outside, on a virtually unlimited basis.


The platform has taken the prison communication space by storm. Thousands of institutions have already installed the video visitation system within their properties, leading to the ability of hundreds of thousands of inmates to enjoy high-quality virtual visitations with their family members on a daily basis. This has allowed unprecedented levels of communication between families and inmates, fostering strong relationships and allowing children of those incarcerated to continue to have meaningful relationships with their parent figures.


And one of the more amazing parts of this incredible technology is the fact that Securus has been able to implement the system at a cost that is often times less expensive than traditional outgoing phone calls on older analog phone systems. One of the reasons that Securus has been able to keep the price so low, at an average of just $0.15 per minute across all of the institutions where the video visitation system has been installed, is that Securus has developed its own VoIP-based communications technology. This system is not only able to allow for the placement of calls at a much cheaper rate than older analog systems, it has also enabled Securus to incorporate a large number of highly sophisticated security functions that guards and prisoners administrators love.


For example, the video visitation system currently offers a suite of security features that allow for the constant, automated monitoring of all communications taking place over the prison phone systems. Guards are automatically alerted if any suspicious activities, including the use of code words or the discussion of criminal activities, take place.


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