Scott Rocklage, A Venture Capitalist in the Investment Community

Scott Rocklage currently serves as a Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures since 2004. 5AM Ventures is operational in Waltham, San Francisco, Massachusetts, and California. Dr. Scott Rocklage has over thirty years of experience in healthcare management experience. His strategic leadership has led to the Federal Drug Administration approval of U.S. New Drug Applications namely, Teslascan, Cubicin, and Omniscan.

Scott Rocklage Career Background
Before joining 5AM Ventures, Scott served as the Chief Operating Officer, President, and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Nycomed Salutar, and Amersham Health. During this time, he held several Research and Design positions. Rocklage also served as the Co-President and Executive Chairman of Ilypsa, Inc. Other positions held include Chairman of Novra Therapeutics, Inc and Chairman of the Cidara Board.

Rocklage obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of California. He also holds a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) degree in Chemistry from the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). In 2005, Rocklage undertook a research study at MIT in the laboratory of a Nobel Prize Chemistry Winner known as Richard R. Schrock. Apart from that, Dr. Rocklage is responsible for the invention of over 30 U.S. Patents. He has also authored over 100 publications which are peer reviewed. Scott Rocklage’s education background has enabled him to have a vast range of skills and knowledge in the science and healthcare industry.

5AM Ventures
5AM Ventures is a leading firm in venture capital that focuses on life science companies that look forward towards the next generation. The company has over $1 billion in assets and supports entities that look for ways to develop solutions to healthcare needs using the combination of medicine and science. As a result, the companies that receive support from 5AM develop untraditional approaches that prevent, diagnose or treat various medical conditions and learn more about Scott.

The 5AM team comprises of people with strong scientific, medical, finance and business operational, finance and backgrounds. These diverse backgrounds enable 5AM to manage and find life science companies efficiently. The portfolio of 5AM includes healthcare and pharmaceutical companies like IKARIA Critical Care, DVS Sciences, ENVOY Therapeutics, Biodesy, Cidara, Alexza, Aprea
Pharmaceuticals, Ambrx, Arvinas, Audentes Therapeutics, Rennovia, and Kinestral and Scott’s lacrosse camp.

Dr. Scott Rocklage is an accomplished businessman and chemist who mainly specializes in the research and development department. Currently, he is a board member of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council and Whitehead Institute. Scott’s strategic leadership and scientific roles have enabled him to be strategic in the world of venture capital, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare and more information click here.

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Demi Goes from Glam to Sporty as she Partners with Sportswear Brand Fabletics

As has become the new tradition each time one has a big announcement, Grammy nominee Demi Lovato took to instagram to spill about her upcoming collaboration with Kate Hudson’s sportswear line Fabletics. The songstress kept her devoted followers in suspense with a series of teaser posts on her instagram page before finally deciding to reveal the big news. In her final post she expresses her delight by saying she’s so proud to partner with the company to design leisure wear that will have you feeling amazing inside and out. She continues to say that being active has always been a big part of her life and so it is essential for her to design a line that is comfortable, fashionable, accessible and at the same time encouraging you to tend to your mind and body.


This new project is for sole purpose of supporting the United Nation’s initiative-Girl up. Girl up is a female empowerment movement aimed at empowering young girls around the world to become a force for change for females everywhere. Fabletics will help support Girl Up’s SchoolCycle initiative, this initiative provides girls with bicycles, and training on how to maintain them in partnership with UNFPA. With a bike, girls have the capability to travel faster and safely to and from school while helping to ensure that they can continue their education. These bikes provide an empirical means of transport and also give girls the independence to build a better future for themselves and everyone around them.


Demi felt that this collaboration was the ideal way for her to incorporate her love for fashion and music with her zeal for female empowerment. Her designs which include daring colours and stylish prints will be a direct reflects of her song lyrics which carry empowering messages like “confident” and “unbroken.” She adds that her being involved in the creative design process while at the same time getting the opportunity to have a daily impact on young girls’ lives all over the world makes this initiative very dear to her heart.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has succeeded in growing a $250 million business in three years. Clients prefer brands that are aspiring; this combined with convenience produces a rather strong combination. Fabletics applies the subscription technic to sell clothing to its clients. Fabletics’ strategy and positioning is proving to be very beneficial for the fashion membership brand as they intend on opening more athletic stores later in the year in addition to the sixteen that are currently open in places like Hawaii, Illinois, Florida and California.


Gregg Throgmartin the General Manager of Fabletics shares their secret to success-creating a modern and imaginative version of a ‘high-value brand’ from the get go. He adds that their membership model is what enables them to render personalized services and trending fashion at a ridiculously reduced price compared to their competitors; It’s a lot easier to please people when you know what it is they want and who they are.

Jason Halpern:More Than Just A Talented Real Estate Developer

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is an innovative real estate developer with a love for developing buildings of historic importance. The third generation of the Halpern family to become involved in real estate development, he has controlled JMH Development, the family business, since 2010. He has done a number of lucrative real estate acquisition and development projects that helped to increase the company’s New York real estate holdings to over $500 million. He’s also done some groundbreaking development projects in South Florida and made significant contributions to help the sick and suffering worldwide.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Thomas Juul Hansen and Jason Halpern

In the greater Brooklyn area, Jason Halpern and JMH Development were responsible for doing some excellent work with residential properties. They were able to turn an abandoned warehouse from a dangerous eyesore into 340 beautiful luxury apartments. The company also created 9 luxurious, upscale townhouses as part of a project known as the Townhouses of Cobble Hill. He has also been involved in a number of other innovative projects involving commercial and residential properties. It’s a skillset he learned from his family and has built on through working with his relatives developing properties all over New York.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

One of the projects Jason Halpern did in the Miami area was turning the historic beach-front property, Motel Ankara, into the fantastic new luxury hotel Aloft South Beach. It’s the first newly constructed hotel since 2009 to be opened in South Beach. He also handled the Miami area residential development Three Hundred Collins. The innovative, visionary work Jason Halpern did on those properties offer just a hint of his prodigious talent and deep understanding of real estate development. But he comes by it honestly. The Halpern family has been involved in real estate development for 50 years.

His Family

A deeply caring person, Jason Halpern does as much as he can to help others. He has donated tens of thousands of dollars to help non-profit organizations working in Nepal and Ethiopia provide safe drinking water to people living in areas where water is scarce. He has also provided vast financial support for the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center, a cutting-edge facility at Westchester Medical Center.

Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations You Should Consider for Your Next Trip

Do you love travelling or are you looking for your next travel destination? There are many factors to consider when choosing a great travel destination and one most important factor to consider is the eco-friendliness of the place. Inasmuch as climate change is taking a toll on most places, the enormous contributions of organizations such as Wild Ark means that there are still some eco-friendly destinations you are guaranteed of enjoy quality time with your friends or family. Here are some destinations you should consider when choosing your next vacation destination.Learn more :


Costa Rica


Costa Rica will always stand out when talking about eco friendly tourism destinations. The famous South American nation has earned its reputation thanks to the natural beauty that involves the Pacific rainforest, Volcanoes and the beautiful Caribbean coastlines. In addition to these, the country too boasts of a biodiversity that is appealing for most visitors coming into the country.Learn more :




The African continent is a beautiful place to enjoy ecotourism and there is no place you will get luxury and at the same time get to enjoy nature than in Kenya. Due to the savannah grassland vegetation that is most common, the country enjoys a diverse range of wild animals. Notably the most common animals include lions, elephants, giraffes and rhinos to name but a few. The country offers more than this through the beautiful coral reefs, beaches and mountains.


The republic of Palau


Though the republic of Palau is small in size it has a lot to offer in terms of ecotourism and more so to aquatic lovers. The country has more ocean coverage compared to land. Some of the features you ar guaranteed of getting in this country include beautiful beaches, coral reefs, diverse forests and multiple species of fish. In order to preserve its heritage, the company is dedicated to the care of environment prohibiting fishing activities on the reefs


About Wild Ark


Wild Ark is an eco-friendly group established by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson with the aim of educating and preserving the heritage of the famous “green belt areas” around the world. With the help of a group of passionate and dedicated member the group is committed to preserving the environment and more so its beauty for the future generation. The group also provides researches and nature lovers the opportunity to explore and discover the environment.Learn more :







Talk Fusion’s New App Has a Lot to Be Excited About

Engadget is always exploring the communications market and giving new apps a test to see if they meet user expectations, and one of the latest apps in video chat by Talk Fusion definitely met them. Talk Fusion’s app uses Web RTC technology to record videos into emails from webcams or to upload prerecorded video files. But it can also be used as a one-on-one meeting app in which users with access to a link can directly call each other. The video quality is high with this app and it is found at both Google Play and Apple’s App Store, and just about any device can use it. CEO Bob Reina is proud of what his technical team has done with the app, and it is used for both business and personal time.

Bob Reina used a lot of ingenuity to start Talk Fusion having moved into the direct selling niche from being a police officer in 2002. This new occupation had its moments of unsteadiness, but Reina believed he would find a breakthrough eventually. And in 2004 it happened when he decided he needed video email software to share several videos he had taken. It was a long process getting it developed, but eventually Reina and a software engineer friend of his developed the algorithm to build video email technology. In 2007 Reina had a whole product suite rolled out and Talk Fusion became a great success, so much so that it’s still growing even today and learn more about Talk Fusion .

Talk Fusion offers associates the chance to make their own money through reselling Talk Fusion’s products and referring others to become associate members. They also have rewards the associates can earn that include vacations to exotic islands, being awarded Rolex watches, and even taking home sports cars. Reina also decided to give customers free trials to see if they liked Talk Fusion’s products, and signing up for the free trials only requires an email address and no credit card. Reina is also a philanthropist who likes to support animal shelters and overseas orphanages, and to share his passion he allows associates to give away premium Talk Fusion product accounts to charities and resume its.